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For the Memory of
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est.1901 - closed 2000


Create QTVR Virtual School Facilities

In Progress...

Capture digital pictures of the school facilities in 360 degree to create "QTVR" walkthroughs. We can keep our school in digital virtual world and you can actually walkthrough the corridors and classrooms using your PC. This will be done by taking 1000s of digital pictures and editing. (Takes real time....)

Checkout QTVR page for further QTVR informations.

You can see a sample of SJC/SJIS QTVR HERE.


Digitize the yearbook "FORWARD".

In Nagotiation...

Digitaizing all of our yearbook "FORWARD" will make the Alumnis able to see it from all around the world and will be kept in data forever. (Yes, 100 years of yearbooks... will take years to finish this work but worth doing it)

Also, another future plan will be to convert the digitized FORWARD to PDF format for downloads and printing use.

Checkout Adobe Reader page for further PDF informations.

Project done by donations from:
Chang, David - (CLASS of 79)
Fukuyama, Seiichi - (CLASS of 79)
Hanada, Ken - (CLASS of 79)
Lazarou, Yannis Michael - (CLASS of 79)
Mita, Hirotaka - (CLASS of 79)
Miyagawa, Osamu - (CLASS of 79)
Nonaka, Hideki John - (CLASS of 79)
Oji, Takeshi Louis Wang - (CLASS of 79)
Pang, Steve - (CLASS of 79)
Ritchie, Charles - (CLASS of 79)
Tojo, Hiromatsu - (CLASS of 79)
(in Alphabetical Order)

Planned and Created by
Yannis M. Lazarou (class of 79)

Virtual SJIS Project Office
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Yokohama, Japan 235-0021
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